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Melting Point Apparatus
Dropping-point and softening-point apparatus
Widely used to component control and quality test of tar, asphalt, paraffin, resin, fat, rosin, lubricant, Vaseline, medical ointment, ointment, suppository, edible oil and grease.
Colorless and color Sample Manual Melting Point Apparatus
ApplicationThis machineis used to determine the melting point of a substance. It is widely used in the chemical industry and pharmacy research. Such as measurement ofspices, dyes and measurement of other organic crystal substances.
Visual melting point apparatus BMP-R
It is used to measure the melting point of medicine, dye-stuff and perfume and other organic crystal substances to determine their purity. Measurement method is in conformity with the standard of pharmacopoeia.It can measure three samples at the same time and calculate average value of initial and f...
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