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Tablet Friability Tester
It is used for detecting friability/abrasion of tablet.
Gel Strength Test System
Gel strength test system is mainly used to measure the gel strength of gelatin under the stipulated environment.It consists of: 1. Jelly Strength Tester; 2. Constant Temperature Bath; 3. Refrigerator
Tablet Four-usage Tester
Four function: test hardness of tablet, friability/abrasion, disintegration and dissolution rate. It is a very ideal multi-purpose drug test instrument.
Tablet Hardness Tester
Tablet hardness tester is used to measure the crushing hardness of tablets.
Melting Point Tester
Melting point tester adopts capillary tube as sample tube and liquid temperature transfer mode prescribed in Pharmacopoeia. It is suitable for testing melting points of pharmaceutical, chemical reagents, spices, dye etc.
Thaw Tester
BTT-1 and BTT-4B thawing time limit tester is used to inspect the condition of thawing, softening or dissolution of solid preparations such as suppositories or vaginal tablets under the prescribed conditions.
Clarity Tester
It tests clarity of injection and bottled medicine liquid.
Atmospheric Pressure Oil Distillation Tester
Introduction: *It is suitable to determine the distillation characteristics ofgasoline, aviationgasoline, jet fuels solvent having special boiling point, naphtha, diesel oil, distillate fuels, and otherpetroleum products.*This atmospheric pressure oil distillation tester is not only suitable to the ...
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