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Microwave Digester
BIOBASE Microwave Digestion System adopts the international advanced double magnetron frequency microwave heating system and realizes the high-power microwave balanced magnetic field safety heating.It is widely used in food, textile, plastic, geological, metallurgical, coal, biological medicine, pet...
Microwave Digester
Microwave Digestor is widely used in food, textile, plastic, geological, metallurgical,coal, biological medicine, petroleum chemical industry, environmentalmonitoring, sewage treatment, battery manufacturing, cosmetics, etc.
Graphite Digester
BGD-420 Graphite Digester adopts globallyadvanced high-temperature infrared radiation heating technology and microprocessorcontrol platform, accurate temperature control and quick temperature rise. Ithas two kinds of temperature rise mode: linear and curve temperature rise mode,and offers 20 digesti...
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