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Auto ELISA Processor
Auto ELISA Processor (BIOBASE1000)
①.2 microplates, 80 sample rack, 92 dilution rack.②. 8 special reagent racks, 1 general reagent racks.③. Biological safety protection provides the high level of operator and environmental protection.
Auto ELISA Processor (BIOBASE2000)
①.4 microplates,2 pipetting probes ②. 192 sample positions , 96 dilution positions,23 reagent positions, 16 common reagent positions,48 QC positions. ③. All sample & reagent positions can be editable.
Auto ELISA Processor (BIOBASE4000)
①. 4 Pipetting probe, 1ul stepping (1000ul volumes).②. Total 25 racks, arbitrary rack can be defined as sample or reagent on the software.③. 4 units 96 well microplates (pipetting,incubator,reading).
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