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Orbital and Linear Shaker
Digital orbital and linear shaker is suitable for mixing in culturedishes, flasks and beakers.
3D and Rocking Shaker
3Dshaker and Rocking shaker are suitable for mixing applicationsin wide fields including, gel staining and destaining,washes, hybridisations, immune precipitation and Western blots etc.
Small Capacity Shaker
SK-311TD / 322 TD are large vibration type, vibration range is 100mm.SK-300D / 311D / 322D are single-layer type, vibration range is 50mm.
Large Capacity Shaker
SK-3112/3222/3332 are double layer large-capacity shakers, vibration range is 50mm.SK-3432 is three-layer large-capacity shakers, vibration range is 50mm.
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