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Water Bath
Refrigerated and Heating Circulator
Refrigerated and Heating Circulator can bewidely used in oil, physical, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmentalprotection and other fields of science, precision temperature controlequipment.Application:Experiment that need heating and cooling, Fermentation Tank, Polarimeter, Refractometer, Spectroph...
Recirculating Chiller
Corollary Equipment: Kjeldahl apparatus, Soxhlet extractor, Crude Fiber Analyzer, AAS, ICP-MS, Electrophoresis System, Rheometer, Automatic Synthesizer, Fermentation Apparatus, Rotary Evaporator, Extraction and Condensation Device, SPE Apparatus.
Water Bath
BK-HHS Constant Temperature Water Bath is made from imported corrosionresistant plate with advanced manufacturing process, whose performance index accords with national standard requirements. It is of high precision to control temperature, strong anticorrosion, compact conformation, beautiful figure...
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