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Color touch LCD screen, integrated fashion design, easy operation.

*On-screen display of molar concentration, freezing point, and osmolarity.

*With dual cooling system, the pre-cooling time is short, the detection speed is fast, and continuous detection is convenient.

*The probe automatically moves up and down, which is convenient and quick.

*Less sample size, to meet the needs of different areas of testing.

*Calibrate any concentration of calibration solution to fit the measurement curve perfectly and ensure measurement accuracy.

*The cooling system is designed with no heat transfer fluid to eliminate frequent maintenance.

*Built-in "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" hundreds of injection drug name, to facilitate the pre-specification of sample data.

*Microcomputer control, with automatic data processing and storage function, can choose multiple printing formats.

*With the authority management function to ensure data security, the computer and laboratory platform can be connected via RS232 interface to achieve data sharing.

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