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Ultrasonic Humidifier
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* Microcomputer automatic control, large LCD screen, display temperature and humidity at the same time; real-time display of the setting parameters and operating status.

* Variety of humidity control strategy free combination to meet the diverse needs of users:

(1) Sequence control: meet the user's periodic humidification control requirements.

(2) Timing control: meet the user's need to turn off and reserve humidification requirements.

(3) Humidity control: meet the user set the humidity, automatic constant humidity requirements.

* Perfect system fault automatic diagnosis function, better protection of the machine.

* Using an integrated ultrasonic atomizer, the atomizer can be replaced, easy maintenance.

* Automatic / manual inlet mode optional, with water level detection device.

* Fine atomized particles, fog particle diameter is only 1 ~ 5μm.

* Efficient humidification, humidification maximum up to 99% RH.

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