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Smoke Meter

BK-5Y smoke opacimeter, which can test perceived  polluted things in diesel gas engine, is a intelligent portable instrument. 

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* Separate design made the control unit apart from the test unit.

* BK-5Y smoke meter has a large LCD display screen with whole English menu. There are two data: non-transparent degree and light data.

The function of auto speed up and instant test can auto deal with the test data and display test result.

* Pre-heat time is 15mins and auto adjusts to zero.

* Test unit use branch technology can test diesel gas smoke. By the use of "air curtain" technique, optical system can work in the circumstances without smoke pollution. Stable temperature of test unit can avoid the water condensing.

* It can be connected with computer through RS-232 plug, and there is a mini printer inside.

* Functions attach to the request of GB3847-2005.

* Digital time display.

* Automobile plate input function can input the headline and plate number of province, city and district. For vehicle match for the test result, when using it, customers can check and transfer allocate the test result.

* Alarm for k overvalue: this instrument will ring when k value is over the value the customer set.

Store the test result: when test is finished, the result can be stored, so that customer can check and print.

* Stored measurement results :  Following the survey, the results can be stored. User-friendly inquiries, print.

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