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BK-6500 5 Part Auto Hematology Analyzer
BK6500 Auto 5 parts Hematology analyzers are used to run tests on blood samples. They are used in the medical field to do white blood cell counts, complete blood counts, reticulocyte analysis.
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2 Test Modes:

CBC+5DIFF mode CBC mode

2 Sample Modes:

Whole blood sample mode

Pre-diluted blood sample mode 


①.Laser scatter technology.       

②.Constant linear sheath flow.  

③.3-D topographic technology.            

④.Auto-loader, 60 samples/hour.

⑤.Integral titanium incubation system.

⑥.28 parameters, 2 histograms, 2 scattergrams.

⑦.Random direction tube barcode scanning technology (optional).


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