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Clean Booth(Down Flow Booth)


Clean booth is a kind of air purifying equipment providing partial

high clean environment, it’s the easiest and fastest way to build 

a simple clean room. Equipped with a lot of clean level and space

collocation, it can be designed as request. 

Main characteristics: simple use, good flexibility, easy installation,

short construction time, and movable. 

It can be installed in part of clean room of general level which

requires high cleanliness to save cost.

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Reference picture                                                      Reference picture    


FFU(Fan Filter Unit)                                                   Microprocessor Control 

which draws in contaminated air from the top             Users can control the fan, light, UV and adjust the 

of the module, and exhausts filtered clean air               air velocity with it.

vertically in a unidirectional(laminar) air stream 

at its base, is a self-contained fan and filter 

module for clean room applications.


Design drawing                                                       Soft Wall Material

                                                                                PVC anti-static dustproof curtain.


1. Customized design is welcomed.

2. It can be used singly or combined.

3. Compared with civil type and fabricated type clean room of hundred clean level, it has low running cost 

and fast effect and can be easily installed.

4. Modular construction, easy to increase clean level, good expansion and reusable, convenient movement 

(Universal wheel can be installed).

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