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Tablet Four-usage Tester
Four function: test hardness of tablet, friability/abrasion, disintegration and dissolution rate. It is a very ideal multi-purpose drug test instrument.
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* Auto-control, auto-detection, auto-diagnosis and auto-alarm.

* Auto-temperature control and high temperature control precision.

* Auto-time control and auto-timing shutdown.

* Auto-display, auto-latching, auto-reset and auto-cyclic test.

* Automatic control of friability and high control precision for cylinder rotation speed and number of turns.

* Hardness high-precision pressure sensor, digital display of hardness value.

* Continuous measurement of tablet hardness value, manual tablet feeding, motor control and automatic compression.

* Two-path disintegration operates at the same time, automatic timing shutdown.

* Imported SUS316 stainless steel is adopted for dissolution rotation baskets and paddle rods, etc.


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