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Basic Peristaltic Pump BPP-LabM Series
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* 3 digits LED dispalys the motor speed.

* Big torque, low consumption, strong adaptability.

* Full spedd button: with full filling and emptying function.

* Circuit board spray with three anti-paint.Anti-dust, anti-moisture, anti-static, resist corrosion.

* Timing test function, time range: 0.5-999s, setting test time freely, can be used for simple dispensing.

* Super strong anti-jamming feature, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment.

* Good performance drive circuit, good cooling condition, low noise, working stable, power down memory function.

* Membrane keyboard control, not only adjust speed manually, but also control automatically through external interface.

* Internal isolate external control design. External control signal have active signal and passive signal, users can use it freely.

* Optional RS232 and RS485 communication. It is controlled by PC through RS232 and serial debugging sofrware, control the pump start/stop, direction and speed, to achieve dispensing and filling function. It  also can feed back pump working status according to external control request. 

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