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BK-TS1/TS3 Fully Automated Tissue/Slide Stainer
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* Imported high-quality parts, smooth operation, low noise, ergonomic design

* Intelligent automatic water influx/efflux/drainage control system

* Green inner-cycling air purification system remove poisonous gas(BK-TS1) 

* 4 sets of editable programs can be queried on line(BK-TS1)

* Real-time visual simulation with icons displays working status dynamically, clearly and intuitively(BK-TS1)

* Small footprint can be placed near the sectioning area for optimal workflow(BK-TS3)

* The APS-coated sturdy housing, resistance to corrosion(BK-TS3)

* The slide rack can be optionally stopped either above or submerged in cup based on user’s selection after the staining process ends(BK-TS3) 

* Operation error alarm

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