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Vertical Electrophoresis tank BK-VET01
Vertical electrophoresis is used for separation, purification and preparation of nucleic acid and protein samples in life science research. 
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* High-transparency polycarbonate injection molding,durable and easy to observe.

* The integrated design of the glass cushion strip ensures that there is no leakage of glue.

* The special glue making rack makes the glue making operation simple and reliable.

* Open the cover and cut off the power to ensure the safety of experiment

* The upper cover limit function ensures that the polarity of the electrode will not be connected incorrectly.

* The power-off function of opening the lid ensures the safety of the experiment .

* It can make double-board glue at the same time,with clear strips.

* 99.99% high-purity platinum electrode, the best electrical conductivity, strong corrosion resistance.

* Recommended power supply:BEP-300l,BEO-600l,BEP-600D.

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