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Horizontal Electrophoresis tank BK-HET02
Horizontal electrophoresis is a basic means in molecular biology research. It is widely used for DNA detection and separation, and molecular testing in the nucleic acid analysis, purification and preparation experiment.
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* Polycarbonate is injection molded at one time without leakage. 

* Can make 4 kinds of different sizes of gel, two typles of glue maker are optional.

* The limit function prevents the positive and negative electrodes from being reversed.

* Optional electrophresis monitor can monitor the electrophesis band in real time during the electrophresis process.

* The electrode head can be replaced for easy maintenance.

* 99.99% high-purity platinum electrode, the best electrical conductivity, corrosion and aging resistance.

* Recommended power supply:BEP-300l,BEO-600l,BEP-600D.

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