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Intelligent Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump FPP-V6 Series

It is the first choice for high level industrial sites, large flow rate, high precision and intelligent control liquid transferring.

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1. Imported 4.3 inch - industrial grade - true color LCD screen.

2. Serve motor drive, precise control, strong power, low vibration and low noise.

3. BIOBASE-V-CIR circuit system, use imported chips, computing speed fast, reliable performance, working stable.

4. BIOBASE-V-EMB operation system, embedded software design, powerful function, friendly interface,  attention to users’ experience.

5.  Intelligent calibration function, can calibrate the flow rate or dispensing volume, ensure the flow rate accuracy. Suitable for high precision transferring liquid.

6.  Fixed volume measurement function: After turn on this function, the pump will measure the liquid volume automatically, it will stop automatically after the volume reach the set value. During the process, you can change the flow rate freely. It is suitable for laboratory liquid dosing and chemical reaction process.

7.  Fixed time and volume: After turn on this function, the pump will transfer fixed volume within set time. It is suitable for liquid dispensing in laboratory and industrial production.

8.  Timer start and stop function: Can set the pump start and stop time freely, reach automation control.

9. Online micro adjusting function. During the production process, if the tubes fatigue or abrasion, you can use the online micro adjusting function to adjust the flow rate without stop the pump.
10. Unique accurate angle control technology, achieve high accuracy dispensing and dosing.

11. Fast filling function, not only can be used for washing the tubing, but also can fill liquid to the tubing fast.

12. Automatic temperature control system, reducing the fan noise effectively.

13. Power down memory function, store the running parameters in time, safe and reliable.

14.  Strong anti-jamming feature, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment. 

15. Circuit board spray with three paint, anti-dust, anti-moisture, anti-static, resist corrosion.

16.  304 stainless steel housing, comply with pharmaceutical GMP certificate requirement.

17. DZ25-3L, DZ25-6L and YZ35 pump head, aluminum alloy material, 304 stainless steel rollers, strong rigidity, high accuracy, reliable performance, excellent quality.

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