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Dispensing Peristaltic Pump DPP-Lab F/F Series

It is suitable for non-pollution and high precision liquid dispensing.

The filling accuracy is 0.5%-1%. 


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                        DPP-Lab F Series                                    DPP-F Series


1.Imported 4.3 inch - industrial grade- true color LCD screen. Dynamic display dispensing status. The dispensing volume,

dispensing time, pause time, copy numbers and system setting also displayed in the same screen.

2.Accurate angle control technology, high precision filling.

3.Intelligent calibration function, it will calibrate the filling volume before production to ensure the filling accuracy, help you to improve the working efficiency.

4.The online calibration and online micro adjusting function, to make you convenient to calibrate or micro adjust the filling unit during the production progress. It can avoid the filling errors because of tubing fatigue and elasticity decreased.

5.Real-time monitoring, dynamic display the results of the monitoring.With alarm function, ensure the safety in


6.The filling system can store 60 common filing modes, save users setting time, and improve working efficiency.

7.Back suction angle (0-360°) setting avoid liquid drop off when the pump stop working.

8.The pump can connect with foot switch to control the start /stop. Also can be unified controlled by the host computer when working in filling line or receive stop signal when missing bottles.

9.Automatic temperature control system, reducing the fan noise effectively.

10.Power down memory function, store the running parameters automatically.

11. Fast filling liquid function can be used for washing tubing, also can fast fill liquid into the tubing.

12.Strong anti-jamming feature, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment.


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