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DC-0515 Low-temperature Thermostat Sink
Application Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instruments, physical, chemical and biological engineering, medical and health, life science, light food, and materials testing and chemical analysis, and other research departments, large and medium-sized institutions, to work to provide a ...
2019-nCoV RT-qPCR Detection Kit
Introduction:This product selects the ORF1ab and N gene regions of 2019-novel coronavirus, and designs two sets of specific primers and fluorescent probes that cover two sites of the gene at the same time. In order to control the entire extraction and detection process, human β-Globin gene was act a...
Chicken Isolator
Positive pressure isolator or Negative pressure isolator can be chosen. BCI-I Chicken Isolator is designed for SPF chicken feedingand poultry disease testing.
Disposable Face Mask
Application:It is widely used in ordinaryenvironment, to block the mouth and nasal cavity from exhaling or sprayingpollutants by covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw.
Automatic Mask Producing Line
Application: This machine is mainly used for automaticforming of flat masks.After the entire roll of fabric is unrolled, it is drivenby rollers,and the fabric is automatically folded and wrapped.Nose bridge rollsunrolled by traction.Cut and import into the hemmed fabric,both sides arewelded to seal ...
Table Top Autoclave Class B series
As a type of high pressure sterilizer, it takes steam as its sterilization medium which is fast, safe and economic.They are common used in medical health care institution or R&D institution to make the sterilization for wrapped or unwrapped instrument, fabric, utensils, culture medium, unsealed ...
Biological Isolation Chamber
Introduction: Isolation chamber is equipped with its own negative pressure filtrationsystem to provide maximum protection and operational safety for both thecontaminated person or item and the operational team.
Fluorescent Quantitative Detection System
Introduction:Real- time PCR is used for sensitive, specific detection and quantification of nucleic acid targets. We have developed powerful assay design algorithms, optimized qPCR regent, intuitive data analysis software, and flexible instrumentation to help harness the power of qPCR across a rich ...
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