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DC-0515 Low-temperature Thermostat Sink
Application Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instruments, physical, chemical and biological engineering, medical and health, life science, light food, and materials testing and chemical analysis, and other research departments, large and medium-sized institutions, to work to provide a ...
Chicken Isolator
Positive pressure isolator or Negative pressure isolator can be chosen. BCI-I Chicken Isolator is designed for SPF chicken feedingand poultry disease testing.
Disposable Face Mask
Application:It is widely used in ordinaryenvironment, to block the mouth and nasal cavity from exhaling or sprayingpollutants by covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw.
Infrared Thermometer TH-300
Theinfrared thermometer is mainly composed of an infrared detector, a displayscreen, a button, a housing, a circuit board and embedded software. It measuresthe body temperature by measuring the heat radiation from the forehead.
Nucleic Acid Extraction System
Open system, fully automatic, stableresults and good repeatability 7-inch touch screen, easy to use, fastresponse Automatic control system, connect tocomputers wirelessly User-defined cracking and elutiontemperature Free programming to meet the needs ofdifferent reagent
Polypropylene Melt-blown Nonwovens
Laminated nonwovenfabric; Natural; Breathable; Eco-friendly; Waterproof; Mothproof; Anti-static;Anti-bacteria; High strength; Water-soluble; Fusible
Disposable Medical Isolation Gown
Safely respond to a variety of needs: medical, hospital, food hygiene, beauty, chemical, clean room,public health, environmental protection and other general isolation andprotection.
Protective Suits(Coverall)
Seamless front to provide more protectionin the primary exposure areasOuter layers provide protection of the film barrier against tearing andabrasion
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