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Chicken Isolator
Positive pressure isolator or Negative pressure isolator can be chosen. BCI-I Chicken Isolator is designed for SPF chicken feedingand poultry disease testing.
DC-0515 Low-temperature Thermostat Sink
Application Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instruments, physical, chemical and biological engineering, medical and health, life science, light food, and materials testing and chemical analysis, and other research departments, large and medium-sized institutions, to work to provide a ...
Air Purifier
Air Purifier is an air purification equipment, which is widely used in hospital, small clinic, laboratory, office, meeting room and house etc. it can protect your life and your health through filtering dust, germ and virus in the air.
Mobile Fume Extractor
The mobile fume extractor is an purification equipment which can provide the partial high pure environment. The airflow is vertical laminar flow type. It is widely used in medical research laboratories,precision instrument,bio-pharmacy,micro-organism studies and etc.
Blood Thaw Machine
Application: Blood thaw machine is used for thawing or warming blood components packed in plastic bags such as frozen plasma, erythrocyte concentrate and whole blood.
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