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Other Specific Function Centrifuge
Blood Centrifuge
Application: It is suitable for blood group serology, blood type routine test, micro surgery Gel, erythrocyte washing and immunoassay, etc.
Blood Centrifuge
Application:Erythrocyte washing centrifuge realizes perfect separation with precise timer to seconds within 3 minutes, mainly used in the separation and washing of lymphocyte and erythrocyte.
Gel Card Centrifuge
Gel card centrifuge is used in blood serology, blood type routine test, erythrocyle washing, microcolumn agglutination, immunology and other tests.
Table Top Dairy Centrifuge
Application:It is special equipment for milk and dairy analysis, such as analyze the samples after fat separation through pasteurization, Gerber’s method, etc.
Crude Oil-water Test Centrifuge
Application:BK-L5KSII is an ideal separation equipment of water test and sediment content in crude oil at oil industry and research institutions.
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